Tools and Hardware

Whether you are building a deck, plumbing a sink, or fixing a lamp we have your supplies and tools.

Power Tool Repair. We do light repair on site. We work with many power tool manufacturers for warranty and non-warranty repair.

Battery Rebuild Program for Rechargeable Power Tools. Is your rechargeable drill running out of power or no longer holding a charge? See our battery rebuild program. Have your battery rebuilt to original specs for about half the cost of new. Or have it rebuilt to newer specifications and gain power and battery life. Call us for details.

Saw Sharpening Service. Bring your dull circular saw blades, dado sets, router bits, hole saws, jointer/plainer blades, forstner bits, brad point bits, cold saws, end mills, and drill bits for sharpening. Call us for details and pricing.

 •Gano Welding Supplies•

Gano Tanks

We are an authorized Gano tank exchange location. We can set you up with a Gano lease agreement or exchange your existing Gano tank for a full tank.

Oxygen – 122, 240, and 300 size tanks

Acetylene – Standard size tank

Argon/CO – 75/25 mix in 122, 240, and 300 size tanks

Argon – special order

Tanks for portable Oxygen and Acetylene  torches

Propane Refill Station

We also have a Propane refueling station.