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From Pets to Livestock we have the feed for you.

•Pet Food•

We supply dog food for hunting kennels, farm dogs, pets, and dogs with special nutritional requirements:
The brands we currently carry are:
Country Value
Diamond Naturals
Premium Edge
Taste of the Wild

We carry maintenance cat formulas, hairball control formulas, finicky cat blends and many more.
The brands we currently carry are:
Country Value
Premium Edge

We also carry Rabbit Food, Bird Feeds, and Mini-Pig Food.

•Horse Feeds•

We are especially proud of our Horse Feeds. We carry two in-house brands, Vaqueros and Golden Grain. Both made with quality grains and both high in oats. Vaqueros is favored by many of the trail riders in the area. In addition to the oat content, Golden Grain has Barley which was used in the south to replace oats and to help keep a settled stomach.

We are a Progressive Feeds dealer. Progressive specializes in research-based nutrition products for a healthy horse. We have seen some amazing improvements in horses using these products, from show horses to race horses to rescue horses. See their full line at http://prognutrition.com/

We carry Kent Nutrition Horse Feeds. We stock both their Dynasty and Omegatin products in the store. See their full line at http://kentfeeds.com/ – NOTE: Kent is currently switching some of their horse feed to their Blue Seal Brand. Same company, same commitment to quality..different bag.

Moorman’s (ADM) Grostrong is the mineral of choice for our race horse customers. See it at http://www.admani.com/

•Livestock Feeds•

We are proud sellers of Graham, ADM, and Kent livestock feeds. Graham has been making quality feed since 1969. They make most of our chicken feed, horse feeds and some of our other feeds.

Much of our livestock feeds and minerals come from ADM and Kent. Kent’s Arrivalmax for transitioning calves from the sale barn or another farm and their 16% Goat feed are two of our top sellers. ADM’s Grofast and Beef products are the mainstay of our beef feeds and their Moorman’s tubs and loose mineral are our number one mineral products.

Ask us about our Triple C Cattle Feed, a low cost mixture of 50% soy hulls and 50% corn gluten.


CropADM Alliance Nutrition
CropDiamond Pet Food

CropTaste of the wild