Ag Supplies

Farm and Field Gates. We’ve got ’em. We stock 18 ga Pasture / Field Gates and 2″ 16 ga Bull gates. Heavy Round Bale Feeders, Bunk Feeders, and Fence Line Feeders. We also special order custom lengths, heavier and lighter gauges.


Need a Dog Kennel – We sell dog kennel panels in six, eight, and ten foot lengths. Also one and two door panels for entrances.


See our list. Gates and panels that we carry on our lot are marked with an *. Custom lengths add a $35 additional charge to the gate price.

Chick Days:

We have two chick days each year.

The first is at the end of February or the first part of March. While the weather is generally not conducive to shipping baby chicks, we have this early chick day to allow our 4-H customers to get their chickens early so they can be well grown in time for the county fairs.

Our second chick day is around the middle of April. With the warm spring weather keeping chickens alive and healthy, especially during shipping, is much easier. This is a perfect time for our back yard chicken raisers to add to their flock or to start a new flock. During this sale we generally have an offer of free meat birds with the purchase of a bag of chick starter feed.

To find out more, or to get on the chick day mailing list, email us, or phone the store at 618-483-3648.

Chicken Breeds:

Click here to download our Available Breeds list.

Being live animals, availability can be unpredictable at times. Some breeds may not be available for every sale. Contact the store for details about a particular sale.

Fish Days:

We have at least two and often times three fish days every year. We always have our Spring Fish Day around the end of April or first part of May. Our Fall Fish Day occurs around the middle of September. Our third fish day is our Winter Fish Day and it does not always occur. It consists of game fish that require cool weather for transportation and stocking. During our Fall Fish Day we gauge interest in these winter fish. If there is enough interest to make a truck we will have the Winter Fish Day.

We always take pre-orders for fish to ensure that the fish you want arrive on the truck. We do ask for a deposit at time of order. This way you do not have to just hope there will be enough of the species and size of fish you desire. We also schedule our customers to stagger fish pickups. This helps minimize the wait time for fish. We only schedule hour by hour so there may be some waiting especially on a busy spring fish day but it’s a whole lot better than having 50 people all show up at 9:00 am wanting fish. On occasion the hatchery will not have a species available. Sometimes they will not know this until they actually seine the ponds for the fish. We will notify you as soon as we learn that a size or a species you ordered is not available. You then have the option of a refund, substitution of fish, postponing your order until the next fish day, or a combination of all three.

Our fish all come from Logan Hollow Fish Farm in Murphysboro Illinois.

To find out more, or to get on the fish day mailing list, email us, or phone the store at 618-483-3648.

Click here to download our Spring and Fall Fish Days Species List

Click here to download our Winter Fish Days Species List

Living underwater fish are hard to count so availability can be unpredictable at times. The hatchery may not know there is a shortage of a particular species or size until they actually seine the pond. Contact the store for details about a particular sale.