Unapologetically Local.

Over the past decade, American consumers have increasingly turned to major box stores and online retailers. Unfortunately, this shift has destroyed the Main Streets of Rural America. Big box stores offer low-paying wages and cheaply-made, foreign products, and profits flow to company headquarters - in major cities in far-off places. Major online retailers have hit small towns even harder; contributing no tax money and offering no jobs to the local economy. Ultimately, this means money flows to people and places far beyond small town American communities, never to return. At The Home Center, our mission is to reverse this trend. We exist to serve our local community - through maintaining good jobs in the community, offering American and locally-made products, remaining locally-owned, and supporting local organizations and non-profits. When you shop at The Home Center, you make a choice to support your community. We believe our community is worth it.

The best, most friendly U-Haul dealer in Effingham, Altamont, and the surrounding areas.

When you don’t have the right piece of equipment to finish the job.....chances are we do. Drills, saws, trailers, spreaders, ladders, sanders, tents, heaters, tables and chairs, and the list goes on.

When service matters - whether you need a coupling to complete a project, or the perfect gift for dad. Power tools, hand tools, wrenches, bolts, plumbing, electrical, lawn and garden.

The easiest way to transform the look of your home. We provide all of your painting needs, including brushes, rollers, tape, tarps, and much more. We also offer custom paint and spray paint matching.